Lesson Learned: How to Organize a Productive Developer Meeting

Most development departments run on a relatively strict timeline. It can be frustrating for the team when they don’t have access to their needed tools. All too often the focus of what is often described as architecture is centred
around a specific set of platform technologies, which forms only one part
of the set of concerns an architecture should. And all too often architecture
is seen as a separate concern from development process, whereas the two are
intertwined — what you build is influenced by how you build it, and vice versa.

  • We will discuss the typical mistakes and problems developers face during service architecture design and how to solve them.
  • Get hands-on with the latest development features through new Code Lab topics and samples introduced for SDC22.
  • For example, Microsoft Teams will send you a notification with a link to your meeting agenda, allowing you to add notes and send messages to the other participant.
  • For each, he defines principles that can help you improve everything from your mindset to the quality of your code and describes approaches proven to promote success.
  • We will also dive into how to interact between Kotlin and Java code.
  • This allows you to remain updated on the progress of projects while building a healthy working relationship.
  • These meetings should not waste time but increase productivity by helping all team members prioritize their workloads.

” may shed light on where your software developer stands regarding the company’s objectives. Use various tools to set up a meeting reminder, list your agenda, and manage it. For example, Microsoft Teams will send you a notification with a link to your meeting agenda, allowing you to add notes and send messages to the other participant. Additionally, give your developer a chance to include a few points of discussion on the agenda. This will foster a sense of connection that allows both of you to participate in the meeting. Not only is the meeting beneficial to the developer, it actually acts as a double-edged sword that touches both the manager and the employee.

– 6th QGIS Developer Meeting in Zurich¶

As you grow, the advice is waiting there to reveal another layer you had never considered. In this talk, I will tell you how all the left and right turns I took on the road prepared me to be where I’m with a much https://forexarticles.net/become-a-java-programmer-learn-java-programming/ more solid foundation than the ‘straight-line career path approach» would ever do. There is no admission or ticket charge for DevConf.CZ events. Watch highlights of selected sessions from SDC events since 2016.

You take your time to talk to a junior specialist who is still fresh in the software engineering game. Not only will the developer feel valued, but he will respect you and strive to do better programming. We hope we have provided valuable tips on how to run a successful 1-on-1 meeting with software engineers to ensure your team works productively.

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If anything urgent comes up then it can be raised in the weekly meeting, otherwise you’re just going to be repeating yourselves. While in a meeting, open up a blank document and simply have your developers record all their thoughts as the discussion ebbs and flows. With these coaches, you and your team can easily learn facilitation techniques that are sure to increase the meetings’ productivity. Just as the Sales team’s new contracts don’t mean much to this developer, rarely will any of your Sales meetings require your developers. DevTernity is led by a small group of passionate software engineers from Latvia, Estonia, and the Netherlands.

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Depending on your answer, you’ll have your meeting type, and from there, it’s easy to establish an objective. For example, knowing that meetings are always on Tuesday and Thursday will naturally inspire them to prepare on the days before (Monday and Wednesday). We want to ensure that the same doesn’t accidentally happen to your developers. Because no timezone works equally well for everyone, you are in good company with attendees from 75+ countries, including caffeinated attendees joining at night. If you can’t survive the whole day for various reasons (family, timezone, etc.), you can watch the missing parts later. Every system has an architecture, whether accidental or
intentional, and regardless of whether it was put in place by a nominated
architect or whether it emerged from the decisions and discussions of a team.

How to organize a productive developer meeting

If you want to create a new page for developers, you should create it on the Moodle Developer Resource site. Blockchain development enables a great deal more than just bitcoin and virtual currency. Come get an introduction to blockchain and ethereum development, and see the innovators who are building new types of apps on the protocol. We are using the meetup.com
infrastructure as it allows to have all meetups visible in the same place,
which can be handy when people are moving around the world. If there is a local
community in your place and would like to stand up to organize meetups, please
reach arnaud degrandmaison llvm org so that
we can add your group to the network.

Get one-on-one guidance from Apple engineers, designers, and other experts. Learn how to implement new Apple technologies, explore UI design principles, improve your App Store presence, and much more. At the start of the meeting, establish the meeting objective, and then stick to your structure throughout. It might sound counterintuitive, but you might not want to rehash the same structure for every weekly meeting. With that in mind, don’t shoebox every weekly meeting into the same structure if that structure is no longer applicable.

If you need a dedicated development team or want to outsource react development, we can help. In this talk I outline a set of models for justifying evolutionary design with basic economic concepts that relate directly to delivering, planning, and funding software projects. This talk will provide you with a solid argument to meet any skeptic’s rational 10 Best IT Certifications Java Developers Should Aim in 2023 by javinpaul Javarevisited objections to writing tests first and letting both low-level design and architecture emerge. Predictability is fostered by having a consistent structure for a meeting and executing that structure continuously. Meetings become productive when clear expectations are set by way of an agenda that is published beforehand and agreed to by all.

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Software Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle. Another excellent, more interactive method for incorporating your developers’ input is for all of you to take notes in the same document. Ideally, this position would go towards a developer who’s proficient at coordination and time management.

Given their importance and intricacy, it would be unproductive to improvise one. If that does happen, you’ll have to steer the conversation back on track. A written reminder prompts you to redirect the debate towards its original objective. These printed statements are instrumental in case the meeting goes off-topic.

developer meeting

There is a pretty good reason why a one-on-one meeting with a developer is very crucial. I really like those meetings, personally, because it’s a fast way to get up-to-date on what’s going on outside of my little pet projects. If you’re paying me well enough, I won’t even mind buying my own gin and tonic.

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